180 River Road Lane Cove, NSW 2066


Welcome to Bounce Fitness Lane Cove – A Professional and Respectful Approach to your Fitness Dreams

Bounce Fitness is a new boutique gym in located at Lane Cove Golf Course in River Road.   Owned and operated by Sam, and his partner Sara, they cater to local Professionals wanting to lose weight without the hassles of a large scale franchise.

“We offer you a complete Training and Healthy Eating Provider. With Guaranteed Personal Training and Group Training classes, Bounce Fitness has become your complete Fitness provider with unlimited access to ALL Boxing and Bootcamp sessions in Waverton and North Sydney.”

For those just interested in a no-hassle you’ve got 100 hours weekly access for only $11 per week! The cheapest gym membership in Lane Cove!”

Bootcamp and Boxing Class Overview:

  • Unlimited class access – NO NEED TO BOOK!
  • Professionally run bootcamps for beginners, no one gets left behind!
  • Learn a 6 Punch boxing combo in your very first class 😉
  • Free Nutrition consultation to bolster your fat loss results
  • 28 Day Guaranteed results
  • Personal Trainers who actually smile 🙂

Gym Overview:

  • No Joining or Exit Fees
  • $11 per week membership
  • Short term Options
  • Free Daytime Tennis

Fitness Services:

For lane Cove Residents and local Professionals looking to lose 5 to 20 kilo’s, “Bounce Back!”

Lane Cove Gym

Bounce Fitness’ boutique Lane Cove Gym is owned by operated by Sam, and Lane Coves Premier Personal Trainers who understand what our 25 – 50+ yo market want; No Joining Fees; Short Term Options; Clean Facilities; Trainers who actually smile.

Personal Training

Bounce Fitness Personal Fitness Trainers want to help you, offering guaranteed results in 28 days or your money back. Personal training is all about you. We have specialist Personal Trainers is Sports Conditioning; Fat Loss; Rehabilitation; Core and Posture improvement.

Bootcamp & Boxing

Bounce Fitness offers the luxury of variety and flexibility in their Group Fitness Training programs.