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This guide aims to ensure that every golfer is given the chance to enjoy the game of golf whilst upholding its rules and traditions along with caring for the course. Please consider the points listed below.


Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, please ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club or ball.

  • Do not play until the players in front are out of range.
  • Shout ‘Fore’ if there is a danger of a ball hitting someone.
  • 15 minutes per hole is too slow – all but the longest of holes should be playable in 10 minutes.
  • Play without delay – there should be no hold ups for counting strokes or marking scorecards, especially on the greens.

Consideration For Other Players

  • Please do not talk or move when a player is about to play, or stand close to or directly behind the ball.
  • Always have consideration for others on the course.
  • All matches keep their place on the course. If a clear hole is lost or if a ball is being looked for, then the following match must be invited to play through.
  • On arrival at the putting green your golf bag or trolley should be positioned on the most direct route to the next tee – but not on the green itself.
  • All players in a match should watch the shot and note the place where each ball comes to rest, in order to minimise the time spent in searching for the lost balls.

Course Code

  • Carefully smooth over holes and footprints made in bunkers.
  • Replace and press down all turf cut or displaced while playing.
  • Repair any pitch marks on greens.
  • Repair any damage to greens after play on that hole.
  • Keep buggies away from greens, tees and bunkers. Take note of any signs concerning the movement of trolleys.
  • When taking a practice swing, avoid damage to any turf especially on the tee.
  • Avoid damage to the putting green when putting down the flagstick and to the hole when removing the flag or the ball.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on the course.
  • Sand buckets must be carried.