180 River Road Lane Cove, NSW 2066
  1. Preferred lies of 30cm may be taken on fairways and areas mown to fairway height (The ball must be marked prior to taking preferred lie. Ball may be cleaned when lifted).
  2. On greens if your ball lies on a bare patch or a bare patch interferes with your line of putt then relief may be taken.
  3. Bare patches on fairways may be treated as GUR (No relief is available from bare patches in the rough).
  4. Earthworks associated with improvements to the course, must be treated as GUR.
  5. Relief is available for plugged balls through the green. If the ball lies plugged in the rough it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped. (It must be dropped in the rough).
  6. Wheel ruts which interfere with your stance or lie of the ball may be treated as GUR. This applies through the green.
  7. Where a drop zone is indicated by a sign in the ground players may drop within 2 club lengths of the sign.
  8. The club house, its artificial surrounds, the practice nets and the pavilion the first tee are all out of bounds areas.
  9. If a ball strikes an overhead power line on the 8th, 9th, 17th, and 18th holes, the ball must be replayed without penalty.